New York Adventures

For two days and one night I was in New York City! 
Not counting Africa, New York City would be my ideal place to live. 

I have only been to New York once before (that I can actually remember)
The first time was with my Mom, her friend Davette, her daughter Haley and Christina. 
A girls weekend. 
It was awesome. 
This time I got to go with Christina and part of her family. 
(Brad(dad), Stacey(mom), Christina, Hayley(sister) and Jake(brother)
It was awesome. 

1. Began our journey at around 9 am

2. Arrived and tried to check in but we were too early
So what do we do? 

3.. Drove and checked out the sites 

4. Saw the 9/11 Memorial 

5. Ventured back to the hotel, checked in and relaxed 

6. Saw How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
Great show, really funny. And the guy from Ugly Betty was in it! He made the show in my opinion. 
(I'm sure every teenage girl would disagree with me
but before ya'll go completely bonkers on me
see below)

7. Saw Nick Jonas (he was the lead)
He did a great job!
Second favorite over all.
(But if were judging on looks, lets be honest, he's adorable)   
He made eye contact with Hayley and I, no big deal.
And no I'm not delusional. We were on the other side of the street from all the crazies when he got in his car a looked over. Also notable, we were standing by ourselves.
The entire time Hayley and I were waiting to see him we made up different scenarios on how we would get his attention...
*Climb the tree from across the street and fall. He would rush over to make sure were ok (because he's just that kind of guy)
*Just hang out in the tree and he would be so impressed that he would just have to come over and see who these girls were (once again, he's just that kind of guy)
*Get hit by his car
*Be in a taxi nearby and follow his car to find out where he lives, where we could "run into him" 
*Sneak into the trunk of his car while he was signing autographs and surprise him after a couple of blocks
.....just to name a few 

8. Ate dinner at Planet Hollywood after midnight
(Nearly passed out at the table)

9. Slept in until almost 1 
(Did not mean to do that!)
((We had 20 minutes till check out))

10. Stopped by a neato coffee shop
(Oatmeal, yogurt and chia tea for me)

11. Took a carriage ride around Central Park 
(Bucklist accomplishment!)

12. Went to FAO Schwarz
(I got Bertie Bots Every Flavor Bean and a Chocolate Frog)
((I love Harry Potter. I've read the whole serious about 9 times. You can judge me))

13. Stepped into Tiffany & Co.
(Wowzer. It reminded me of the Gems and Mineral exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History) 

14.  Ate pizza and gelato in Little Italy 

15. Journeyed home

A great weekend with my second family! 

All pictures are from Christina's blog. Head over to her site and check out even more! 

 Nick Jonas.. 
..And there he goes

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