Dream Job

We’re in the 20’s ya’ll. 
29 more days!  

7. What's your dream job and why?

Over the course of my life I have wanted a variety of jobs and for the most part all of them were pretty realistic. Being a taxi driver is the first job I can ever remember wanting (keep in mind I am the same child who's first dream car was a mini van because I thought it was associated with Disney and the kids in the commercials always looked like they were having so much fun) From there my aspirations grew to a mom, teacher, laywer, child psychologist, social worker, day care owner, police officer/detective (my dream job for the longest time was to be a criminal profiler, like from criminal minds, and than I found out that wasn't a real thing. Dreams crushed), working with inner city kids (missions work), and a writer.
While my aspirations varied over the years I always knew I wanted to in someway shape or form work with kids, whether my actual job entailed just that or if I had to volunteered after work, kids were always apart of the plan. Even when I was a kid myself I would cart around baby dolls and play pretend school. I could not wait to turn 12 so that I could start to babysit. Pushing a stroller was one of the most exciting things. I was weird.
Not only is working with kids something that I want to do but I believe that God has placed children on my heart for a reason and I believe He has given me specific gifts and designed me for this very purpose.
For instance: I think one of the reasons I get along so well with kids is because I am still very much so one myself. I love candyland, going to the park, play-doe, Disney songs and movies, building forts, kickball, nurf wars, hide and seek, the list goes on.
I love how innocent and trusting kids are. They face and conquer fears daily. They smile, laugh and play through out the day. They genuinely enjoy life. They are sincere and honest. They grow daily both physically as well as in knowledge. Children are incredibly and beautifully designed by God.
After Noel I knew that working with orphans was my dream job. Not because this was something that I always planned or imagined myself doing, but because in doing this I am being obdeient to God. This was always His plan for my life. My ultimate purpose/dream is to follow, obey, and honor God. He will open the doors of those I am supposed to venture through and close the doors of those I'm not.
So in short, my dream job is whatever God has planned for me. I always want to obey and follow where He is leading me, even if it's a path I never considered, a path that scares me, a path that will lead me from everything I ever imagined my life would look like. Gods plans and dreams for my life will always exceed my own desires.
I pray often that God would change the desires of my heart if my dreams are not aligned with His plan.
I trust and have faith that God has a purpose and a plan for my life. I pray that I continue to say yes to whatever He asks of me. I freely give my dreams, desires and life to Him as an offering.

Thanks, Faith and Hope Day

1. Prayers. I am so thankful for all the prayers that I have been receiving, really and truly thankful.  
2. Trials. I was thinking about how different I am and I believe my growth is directly attributed to trials that I have faced. I have not always been graceful when I have gone through trials but I am thankful for how they shaped me into a stronger follower of Christ.
3. Books. I love being transported to a different time, a different world, meeting new people. I love learning someone’s innermost thoughts, whether its fiction or nonfiction. There’s just something about books that I utterly enjoy and am thankful for.
4. Music. Singing at the top of my lungs is one of my favorite things to do while driving. I thankful for this outlet. 
5. Pictures. Pictures capture a memory in time that I can relive over and over again. I am thankful for those forever-visible moments. 

 If I ever get married this will happen

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