Happy Birthday Erin and Philip!

Today my big sister Erin turns 24. Wow is she old, but that's beside the point. The point is that I love her very much and wanted to use today's post to celebrate her. I kept thinking about what I should write but the only thing that kept running through my mind was my maid of honor speech that I gave at Erin's wedding. I think its appropriate to share with the rest of you today.

"As I’m sure all of you know Erin and I are actually sisters. I know from family videos Erin enjoyed my presence in the home and expressed this new found happiness by hitting me with sticks, pushing me into furniture, placing a pillow over my face and telling me to go to sleep, she even went as far as taking off her clothes in order to save me from humiliation when our parents would bring out the video camera.  She was always looking out for me even at a young age. Erin and I continued to grow up but never grew closer. It wasn’t until my decision on where I would be attending college that defined, what I believe to be, the turning point in our relationship.
I never intended on going to Grace, and in my mind there was no way I was going to the same school as my sister. But as it turned out, I did in fact end up at Grace with Erin. The biggest landmark this past year was learning that there are no coincidences. God allows everything to happen for a reason and he has a purpose behind every circumstance. Though it may not be what you had in mind, God truly knows best. I believe one of the gifts God gave me this past year was the opportunity to actually have a relationship with my sister. I was able to get to know and spend time with her beyond our sibling roles and truly become friends. She is a beautiful, fun loving woman and I consider myself very lucky to call her my sister but even more lucky to call her my friend."

Philip's, Erin's husband, birthday is the 15th so I thought I would include this part as well: 

"Now I can’t forget about Philip. Another blessing that came from attending Grace was getting to know Philip and seeing his and Erin’s relationship first hand, and to say the least, I was impressed with what I saw. As a sister I am protective over Erin and only want what is best for her. I have never seen Erin happier than when she is with Philip. He is the one who makes her smile the biggest, he is the one who calms her down the best, he is the one who gets her the most excited, he is the one who makes her laugh the hardest. Philip is the one that lights Erin’s fire.  I am very happy and proud to welcome Philip into our family."

Happy Birthday Erin and Philip, I love you both and hope you each have a fantastics day and feel incredible special and celebrated! 

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