My Own Goonies Adventure

Random thought of the night: 

The Goonies is easily in my top 10 favorite movies.
It's just one of those cinematic films that I wish I could have been a part of.
To go off on an adventure with my best friends is still a dream of mine. 
And I don't mean a road trip or a vacation, that stuff's for grown ups. 
I'm talking like riding our bikes and getting into mischief.

(Yes, Im copying the movie. 
I did say I wanted to be apart of it, didn't I?
So why can't I recreate it and act as if it were my own original thought?)

Just spending an entire day with no plan
 With no motive, no time frame
 Just enjoying the day and whatever unplanned adventure it may bring

Maybe one day. 
*cough* Like before I leave in 28 days *cough*
Sort of. 
I mean, I'm not getting an younger 
And pretty soon this dream will become a little ridiculous, and probably unrealistic.
(If it hasn't and isn't already) 
I'm just sayin. 

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