My Rwandan Aunt

So I don't even know home many family-like members I have obtained over the years
Lets just say, I have a lot 
More than I know what to do with.
And tonight I welcomed another family member
My Aunt Josephine.

I met Josephine tonight 
Thanks to my Mom's friend Dawn 
Josephine is from Rwanda
She has been in America for almost a year now with her husband and children
And will be returning to Rwanda in June 
She drove roughly an hour just so I could meet her, 
Connect with someone who lives in Rwanda
And answer some of my Mom's questions.

Let me just say
I loved being able to talk with someone from Rwanda again!
She is a beautiful woman
Both inside and out
She has a wonderful faith in God
And without hesitation volunteered to look after me while I'm in Rwanda. 

God has blessed me,
And continues to bless me, 
With so many people that love and support me.  
I can not even began to tell you how wonderfully overwhelming that is
And how truly thankful I am. 

When I originally made my plans to return I only knew Tara
(and really I only had a 15 minute conversation with her,
So I pretty much just knew what she looked like)
Now, I have Alison, Ten Talents, and Josephine. 
God is so good!
And I can't wait to see who else He brings into my life. 

26 more days!

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