Prepin' for Africa

Hey all!
Today I had off work 
So what did I do?
Began prepin' for Africa but of course!
I mean I only have 25 more days.

So what does my prepin' entail?

1. Doctors
-Met with the traveling doctor 
-Talked about precautionary measures that can/should be taken
-I got 2 shots (one of them was for rabies, never thought that would be necessary)
-And got some medicine, oh boy!

2. Cosco
-You need to buy in bulk? Cosco is the way to go
-Purchased things and hoping they last a year

3. Packing!
-Two big suitcases as of right now
What's currently filling these said suitcases?
Well, let me tell you 
Everything I bough at Cosoc
And a couple of skirts
Packing takes time people.

I am super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Exclamation point crazay kind of excited!!!!!!!!!!!
Aka a serious kind of excited!!!!!!!
Alright, enough of that.

That's pretty much the extent of my prepin' thus far
But I'll be sure to keep you updated on the happenings
You know, since this is such riveting stuff. 

 It didn't hurt incase you were wondering
 Carrying the suitcases upstairs however....
It's really happening, 25 more days! Wha wha? 

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