The Hunger Games

So, this is kind of necessary to talk about. 
The Hunger Games.
 I’ll repeat for dramatic effect. 
The Hunger Games. 

I had never heard of these books until seeing the previews several months ago.
When I was out shopping on Black Friday I saw the the trilogy and put in my cart.
Impulse buy, I'll admit it. 
These books remained unread.
For several months. 
Several mission team members read my copies while in Africa.
When I returned home a few friends borrowed them. 
And still I wasn't ready to read them.

Well for one, I was busy.
And knew I wouldn't be able to put them down once I started.
But also. 
Because I don't like to do something everyone else is doing.
But I always cave. 
Finally, last week I opened the first book. 

Let me just say.
I enjoyed this trilogy more than any other books I have ever read.
And I'm about to prove (and embarrass myself in the process) just how much. 

Do you remember me telling you how I am a Harry Potter nerd? 
That I read the every single book 9 times 
And will continue reading these books until I’m old and can no longer see. 
And than, I’ll have someone else read to me? 
That I literally had dreams about attending Hogwarts and marrying Ron Weasley. 
Day and night? 
Well I did and I am not ashamed. 

With that being said
 I like the Hunger Games even more.
 It took me 5 days to read the 3 books. 
(that’s with me going to school and work everyday and sort of having a social life). 
After I finished the first book I went and saw the movie the very next day. 
After I finished the 3rd book I immediately felt a sadness sweep over me. 
Than I got on google and watched youtube videos and read articles on the Hunger Games. 
That helped a little. 
And than I just stared at Peeta’s (Josh Hutcherson’s) face for hours.
And pinned every picture I could fine of him.
That really helped. 
Goodbye Ron
Hello Peeta!

For reals ya’ll this trilogy is awesome.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm in love with Peeta/Josh. 
I am already resisting re-reading them 
(I’ll restart on the plan to Africa)

I just had to get that off my chest.
Thank you for reading the ranting’s of a lunatic. 


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